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While our community works year-round to raise awareness of and funds for SMA, August is a great time to spotlight those efforts. In addition to our usual work—hosting and attending events, telling our stories to neighbors and friends, sharing information about SMA, using social media to raise awareness, and more—many families plan special events or efforts around SMA Awareness Month.

Ideas for these special efforts could include:

  • An Awareness Day with local celebrities or leaders
  • An awareness-themed fundraiser
  • A group candlelighting
  • Outreach to local media
  • Participation in social media awareness efforts
  • Share with the #cureSMA hashtag (just be sure people aren't blocked from seeing it due to privacy settings)
  • Candlelighting - At sunset on the second Saturday of August, the SMA community lights candles to remember those who have passed away from SMA, and to honor those who are living with SMA. This year's candlelighting date is August 8, 2015.
  • Post your photos to our FaceBook site

Please take pictures of your event and email them so we can share them with each other! (email to Susi at fsmacan@telus.net)

For more information about these and other awaress-raising events, please call or email Susi VanderWyk at the office.

Together we WILL conquer!!

Sincerely, Susi Vander Wyk
Executive Director
Families of SMA Canada