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SMA Family Camp 2012

This event gets better every year, but we can't post all the great shots. For more photos, check out the SMA Family Camp group on Facebook! (you may need to log in to FB first)

2012 SMA Camp – Location – Cultus Lake, BC
Wow! What a camp we had this year! We had families attend from Canadian coast to Canadian coast, and what an awesome way to come together, at a camp filled with fun and laughter. Some of us were returning, some were newly diagnosed and some just decided to give it a try for the first time, but ALL of us left as a tight knit group. Camp isn’t just about the 1 week... the friendships, mutual support and communications last all year long. This year was full of SMA camp traditional and new activities. We had a pajama party family dance, played Capture the Flag, T-Ball, scavenger hunts, musical bubbles (like musical chairs but accessible), obstacle course, marshmallow war (where we all throw marshmallows at each other, every man for himself!!), crafts, zip lining, horse back riding, kayaking, biking, hiking, camp fires, swimming, set off rockets, walks for ice cream and a lot of laughing.
What SMA kids get from camp – Letting go completely, knowing that they are surrounded by people that not only “get it” but are living it and embracing it! They have incredible memories of the amazing things they accomplished, giving them the pride that they earned and deserved. They make friends that they know they will have for a lifetime, someone to communicate with even if its just to say hi and remember when. The value of all of this is immeasurable!
What the siblings get – The ability to just hang with kids that get what it’s like to have to take the back seat sometimes, kids that know what it’s like to unconsciously do the “avoidance” dance as their sister or brother is moving the wheelchair around. They have the chance to also make family memories where the whole family could participate in all of the activities. This camp isn’t just about the kids with SMA, the siblings are celebrated and included in all of the activities!
What the parents get – Simply...they get tears, tears of finally being surrounded by others who understand the unconditional love, tears of celebration of the smallest of accomplishments, tears of inclusion for their family, tears of laughter, and in the end, tears of good bye, because it is so hard to say it at the end of camp. But next year, we’ll wrap our arms around each other again and we’ll envelope the new families and do it all again!