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Spinraza (Nusinersen) - First ever therapy for SMA

Spinraza became the first ever approved treatment for SMA in the USA in December 2016. Below is a listing of the most recent Canadian news related to this medication - general news (including status in the USA), the Health Canada process, clinical locations, what patients and families can do and more.

Biogen Canada update - Feb 2017

Update from FSMAC - Jan 24, 2017 (including 'What can families do to assist the process")

Biogen announces the Health Canada is reviewing Spinraza - Jan 5, 2017

Cure SMA (US) Spinraza page for more details including:

  • development history of the drug
  • locations for the Expanded Access Program (including Canadian and International)
  • clinical trials results
  • note that some info may only be relevant for Americans