Newly Diagnosed

We know that an SMA diagnosis can be overwhelming. You may be confused, scared, frustrated, or uncertain—and your emotions may change daily or even hourly. But you are not alone. There is a community to support you, Cure SMA Canada.

As a newly diagnosed family, you will receive a package sent out to you upon registration with many helpful items within. We will send you information specifically for your type of SMA. All is at no cost to your family, we offer this through funds donated throughout the year to Cure SMA Canada.

Our main goal is to support you in any way we can, with not only information, but to also help you to network with others, help advocate for you, as well as fund ongoing critical research projects.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is not the devastating disease it once was, we now have effective treatments available in Canada. The road of advocacy has been long and hard but the results are amazing, we are thrilled that a newly diagnosed family such as yours is able to quickly access proven safe and effective treatment!

Please contact us to receive your newly diagnosed package as soon as possible. Also fill out the membership form to become a member so we can continue to send updated information, activities in your area, information about our national conferences, support programs and research updates.

We recognize a diagnosis still has very real challenges, please know that you are not alone, we are here for you, to support you and offer you hope and support in many capacities.