Fundraiser Ideas

Game Night

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A fun-filled event for the whole family! Game night fundraisers can bring the community together through competition and fun, all while raising funds.

Ideas for games
◦ Bingo
◦ Trivia
◦ Video games
◦ Poker
◦ Board games

Interested in organizing a game night for Cure SMA Canada? We can help, use the form below to get in contact!

When fundraisers are organized, Cure SMA Canada is able to…

Fund Research

Fundraising dollars continue the fight for a cure. Funding research is a crucial part in continuing to expand knowledge and support for the Cure SMA Canada community.

Provide Support

Support allows for Cure SMA Canada to aid the SMA community with their ever-changing needs.

Fight for our Community

Advocating for the members of the SMA community is a part of the forefront of our mission to create equal opportunities for all within our community.

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